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The Journey Towards Phlebotomy

For a very long time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do other than writing. I played with so many ideas of what I could do. Fiction I know does not give a 100% success rate due to the competitive nature of it. I thought about other things and since I also suffer from Fibromyalgia I passed on a lot of things because of physical or mental limitations. As I flipped through YouTube, I found the journey towards phlebotomy.

Age Has a Price

I’m already 32 and despite what so many people tell me I always felt like I’ve wasted my years. For far too long I’ve struggled finding a career or job that would pay the bills. Due to my lack of mental capacity I’ve had to deal with part-time only retail jobs that had increasingly been bad for my mental and physical health. I have no mental ability to keep up with using a cash register so I was always passed over for a higher paying full-time position.

After looking and looking, I finally found a job that took me on as a receptionist. The problem now is that it is still only part-time with no opportunities for me to advance. As ambitious as I am, I wanted to also find something that would allow me to work a fun job. I love my job, but I do not see me working in reception my entire life.

Flaws of Writing

Writing has always been my passion, but I was afraid to pursue it since I felt that my disability had made my abilities weak. Now, I am happy as an English major and I should be graduating by the end of 2020. This comes with excitement, but also nerves.

I’ve researched various careers that I could do with my degree. Including attempting to do professional freelance writing to gain a following and experience. All to find that the only thing I really want to do with it is write fiction. I like the possibility of working as a writing tutor as well, but only as a part-time or online side job.


Since I can remember I’ve suffered with belonephobia (or fear of getting blood drawn, needles etc.) Now that I have realized the possible reasons for the fear, it has become almost non-existent. I have genetic rolling veins and I specifically remember an awful phlebotomist who decided to keep sticking me or move the needle horribly when I was little. I believe this is the source.

However, the fear slowly turned into fascination when I began looking right at the needle. I learned that if I drank two full bottles of water before a test there was no problems. Instead of fear, it slowly turned into awe. That is why I began researching phlebotomy on YouTube. One specific content creator is the reason I found the journey towards phlebotomy.

Crystastic Jewels is so positive and uplifting that it made me want to pursue the practice. That is why on February 3rd, I am beginning my class towards my goal of becoming a phlebotomist. If you want to see her for yourself, you can click here to visit her page.