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May My Heart Be My Guiding Key

Usually my posts here are either healthy living tips, fiction, or other subjects. Today I want to get a bit spiritual. It may sound silly, but I’ve always felt a strong connection to the video game series called Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix and Disney. The idea of “heart” being connected really hits home in a spiritual way for me. 

It seems as if the heart is supposed to be something similar to the concept of the soul. Something I really care about in my spiritual practice. I am a very eclectic pagan as well as somewhat of an oracle. Because of this I firmly agree with the idea that the strength of connected hearts alive or dead can make your own heart even stronger.

My definition of oracle isn’t just seeing into the future. It’s more of the idea that I have a strong connection to the universe, planes of existence, deities, and other people. 


When there are any planetary or lunar shifts happening I always feel it. In most ways, this is a bad thing for me since the current living situation gives me very little ways to connect to my higher self. I feel blocked constantly unless I clean my room fully and meditate deeply every day. I meditate somewhat before bed, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

I will also add past versions of myself to the definition as well. Most people who believe in past lives only think of them as something in the past. Mostly holding them back from things or explaining irrational fears.  To me, past lives are an extension of myself from the past. I feel like the memories are just like memories you would have from childhood.

All in the Cards

As I stated before, I’m getting into Phlebotomy. I have been a little overwhelmed as of late trying to get my schoolwork from SNHU as well as my Venipuncture work done. With my first test coming up, I am so thankful for Crystastic Jewels is there to help since I have such a hard time learning from the book at times.

With the subheading, an anime fan would think that I was about so say something about “the heart of the cards” but that’s not what im talking about. Sure, that’s another thing to compare the subject to. No, I’m talking about Tarot and Oracle cards. Crystal does livestreams many times during the week and there is someone there who does tarot readings.

I was having a very hard and anxiety inducing time and when he did my reading during the stream it just made me feel so much better. Through this, I found that we both have similar ideals about the series and spirituality which means I’m not alone. It warms my heart honestly.

Music of the Heart

Every Sunday, a man comes into the place I work and plays on the grand piano in the Auditorium right next to the desk. His music is beautiful but, above all, he plays two songs from my childhood and “Dearly Beloved” from Kingdom Hearts.  

He plays it so well, that I get chills and my eyes begin to form tears when he plays. I believe it plays a strong role in my spiritual growth because music plays for the heart.

Heart of Religion

Even though I, personally, identify as an eclectic pagan does not mean that I hate other religions or beliefs. I believe religion is a personal belief. Something that is not right or wrong. Your heart leads you to your own personal path. There should be no need to fight over it and no need to be offended by another person’s belief.

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The Journey Towards Phlebotomy

For a very long time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do other than writing. I played with so many ideas of what I could do. Fiction I know does not give a 100% success rate due to the competitive nature of it. I thought about other things and since I also suffer from Fibromyalgia I passed on a lot of things because of physical or mental limitations. As I flipped through YouTube, I found the journey towards phlebotomy.

Age Has a Price

I’m already 32 and despite what so many people tell me I always felt like I’ve wasted my years. For far too long I’ve struggled finding a career or job that would pay the bills. Due to my lack of mental capacity I’ve had to deal with part-time only retail jobs that had increasingly been bad for my mental and physical health. I have no mental ability to keep up with using a cash register so I was always passed over for a higher paying full-time position.

After looking and looking, I finally found a job that took me on as a receptionist. The problem now is that it is still only part-time with no opportunities for me to advance. As ambitious as I am, I wanted to also find something that would allow me to work a fun job. I love my job, but I do not see me working in reception my entire life.

Flaws of Writing

Writing has always been my passion, but I was afraid to pursue it since I felt that my disability had made my abilities weak. Now, I am happy as an English major and I should be graduating by the end of 2020. This comes with excitement, but also nerves.

I’ve researched various careers that I could do with my degree. Including attempting to do professional freelance writing to gain a following and experience. All to find that the only thing I really want to do with it is write fiction. I like the possibility of working as a writing tutor as well, but only as a part-time or online side job.


Since I can remember I’ve suffered with belonephobia (or fear of getting blood drawn, needles etc.) Now that I have realized the possible reasons for the fear, it has become almost non-existent. I have genetic rolling veins and I specifically remember an awful phlebotomist who decided to keep sticking me or move the needle horribly when I was little. I believe this is the source.

However, the fear slowly turned into fascination when I began looking right at the needle. I learned that if I drank two full bottles of water before a test there was no problems. Instead of fear, it slowly turned into awe. That is why I began researching phlebotomy on YouTube. One specific content creator is the reason I found the journey towards phlebotomy.

Crystastic Jewels is so positive and uplifting that it made me want to pursue the practice. That is why on February 3rd, I am beginning my class towards my goal of becoming a phlebotomist. If you want to see her for yourself, you can click here to visit her page.

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New Year Blog 2020

It’s been a few months since I last blogged. The last few months put me through huge emotional roller coaster. 2019 really hit me hard towards the end of this decade. My ex decided to break up with me and did not give me any reason as to why. My mom has gone through six weeks of antibiotics after they found an infection in her hip only to find it was still there. Finally, someone or something at my job wants me out. I love this job and need it until I can get a full-time position. This new year of 2020 should be a turning point in my life.


This year, I decided to let go of everything bad that happened to me in the last decade and begin anew. I am taking a class in the electronic health records that I am determined to finish by the minute the new year begins. (I am currently writing this at 10 pm and I am almost finished working on the final project. I am also enrolled in a venipuncture class that I will be taking while working part-time and doing school full time. (Unless I find a full-time position thanks to the EHR class).The class will run for a few months starting in February. This will help me get a job even more. I plan to take the EHR certification exam so that it can go onto my resume and the phlebotomy exam shortly after I am finished the course as well. I should be finished with my college classes by the end of August.

New Year Resolutions for 2020

I need to get back into my spiritual side and meditate again. Along with that, I need to practice with my divination arts as well. My Oracle readings tonight helped me realize I need to get in tune with my chakras and keep myself healthy. This means I have to stick to my non-dairy and non-gluten diet. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables as well since I forget to eat them so easily since I live off of the non-perishable foods and snacks I get at the market. 

Side Hustles

One major thing I am trying to do next year is to start being more regular making videos on youtube. I will be making one channel for video gaming (Sims 4 and computer games until I get the devices for my PS4). Another will be dedicated to prepping. I will try to upload once a month on the prepping channel and once a week on the gaming channel. A third channel is in the works as well which has to do with my writing. I still want to work on my voice acting skills so I will be creating my own voice-overs for the fictional stories that I create which include short stories and excerpts from my larger stories.

I hope that I, along with all of you stick to these promises and resolutions for the new year! I hope everyone had a great Holiday and a happier New Year and decade!

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Fibro-Ease Multivitamin-Week One

Suffering from Fibromyalgia or other chronic disabilities can be a big challenge. There are many vitamins and medications that the internet recommends, but I wanted to try multivitamins. The first one I found that was the cheapest was “Fibro-Ease Multi” on Amazon.

Before I tried these, I looked at the doses of the vitamins I usually take before I even bought it. Thankfully, most of my natural vitamins are the same amount or maybe a bit under what I usually take. The effects were immediate for me. My pain went down, and my energy went up.

It’s almost the end of the week, and the bottle suggests doubling the dose after the first week. I am still taking doses of CBD to keep my anxiety and insomnia in check and Echinacea along with my prescription.


I usually take about 2000-3000 mg of B12 and 2000 mg of D especially. The B12 helps with energy and focus while I diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency by a doctor years ago. I also take C, E, and magnesium alongside my prescription and Echinacea to avoid getting sinus headaches and infections.

Looking at the full dose in the supplement facts, it has 1000mg of B12. However, it also contains B1,2, and 6. If, after my second week, my memory and focus are still not as good as I want it to be. I will take one b12 of 1000mg along with the multivitamin. However, it has the same amount of vitamin D.

It also contains 500mg of C, 200mg of E, and 600 mg of magnesium. I have been able to replace all of my vitamins successfully thanks to this multivitamin. Besides the other B vitamins, I had mentioned, this multivitamin also includes various other vitamins that are great for building up energy and lessening pain.

Other benefits

Since I had developed a banana allergy a few years ago, I don’t think I had eaten enough Potassium. I used to eat bananas all the time, and I did not have cramps as much as I did after I stopped eating bananas. Since this multivitamin contains Potassium, I have noticed I have cramped up a lot less than usual.

I recommend Fibro-Ease Multi for anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia or any other chronic condition. However, I highly suggest talking to a doctor about taking this first, especially if you take other medications that might interact. I only take one drug that doesn’t really interact with a lot of things. Stay safe everyone!

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DIY First Aid Kits

As always, it’s still a good idea to keep up with your health to avoid sicknesses. My mom has been getting colds because of stress. I have been taking echinacea vitamins daily to avoid getting sick myself. She has been drinking the tea, but I suggested taking the pill form to keep her immunity up. This is something important for every day natural wellness but what about emergencies? That is why I made my own DIY first aid kit.

However, sometimes things happen, and sometimes you don’t have the time or ability to get medication for sudden illnesses and such. That’s why having a first aid kit handy is the best idea for the home and travel. Sometimes with buying one, you don’t get everything you need or want. DIY first aid kits are a fun and easy thing to do. It can also save money if you go to the right places


After getting certified in first aid and CPR/AED, I decided that it was time to develop my first aid kits. I used various things I already had or bought from the local Dollar Tree or Amazon. It’s not very hard to make your bag. I added photos and descriptions of what I have done with my first aid kits.

OK, so the first thing I put in all of my kits are protective nitrile gloves. It is imperative to protect your skin and body from blood-borne pathogens, any illnesses such as HIV, and to keep yourself clean. I choose nitrile because there are many people allergic to latex so instead of asking the patient, who may be unconscious if they have an allergy or not. The next most important thing is to have a barrier so that if you need to perform CPR. This way you don’t get bodily fluids coming up from the mouth does not get in your mouth — these two things I put in all of my kits.

EDC First Aid

The smaller orange pack is my as-needed kit. I put a few small bandages in there along with packets of antiseptic wipes, alcohol wipes, and antibacterial cream. I’ve added medical tape in case a dressing does not stick to the skin I would need to secure it better. I will use a small sterile gauze with the roll of sterile gauze wrap in the in case someone is bleeding badly.  I found metal tweezers for all my kits at the Dollar Tree. Tweezers are useful with splinters. There are also small medical scissors I got with a first aid replenishment set I got on Amazon.

I also added a sharpie for labeling if needed. I filled an old Advil bottle with more Ibuprofen along with some meclizine in an old Dramamine bottle. I wrapped medical tape around it and wrote what is inside along with the dosage and expiration date. Two dosages of Sudafed are in there with the information printed on the packets. Finally, I added a small natural inhaler. The natural inhaler and Meclizine I have because I have a mild case of asthma and Vertigo in certain situations.

More in depth

The more prominent green and orange kit have more important things needed for harder situations. It holds a few more packs of the stuff in the smaller orange pack so that there are backups if required. However, I also added bigger gauze, a full package of 12 nitrile gloves (from the dollar tree), and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. In this bigger kit, I also have a small ace bandage and an ice pack for any sprains. I have weak ankles, so I tend to twist my ankles when I’m walking.

Though, if I run into someone who has sprained something in a fall or something, these bandages are useful. In this kit, I also added round cotton pads, Q-Tips, and some cotton balls in case it’s needed to add alcohol or help to clean a wound. I attach a small dusk mask in case I need to protect myself from a dusty situation or a situation where it might be dangerous to breathe in air. It won’t stop the horrible things, but it’s better than nothing. I put an emergency blanket in there in case someone goes into shock, and, I added a triangle bandage that can be useful in various ways. I also added a small first aid reference book into that one which came with an old first aid kit I bought.

Multiple Bags

Those two bags I put in my small bag I carry with me all the time that includes a mini survival kit I created. All three parts fit in my front pocket. The red bag is going in my secondary bag/get-home/bugout bag I will carry with me. The pack will be with me when I go somewhere longer than usual, or even sleeping overnight. This one has more trauma stuff I have learned how to go through my first aid training. Once I get EMT/EMR training, I will add another bag to my travel preps dedicated to trauma, sprains, etc.


The red bag includes a tourniquet I bought from a local army surplus store. As stated before, I will only use this item if bleeding and pressure do not work.  I have a pair of trauma sheers that came with the red first aid bag. These can be useful if I need to cut a shirt off to use an AED or cut parts of clothing to find a wound.

In this one, I have tongue depressors that can make-shift a splint for a finger or wrist if needed. Another cold pack with a heating pack can help with sprains or aches. There is also a small baggie of medications. I label them acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and some cough medicine for mucus. All of them have a strip of medical tape with a label for the dosage and expiration date.

Depending on the person, the person’s pain might need one or the other, and for cough medicine, mucus relief is an important thing to think about. I bought a small bag of medications on Amazon made for first aid kits. There are also a few packets of compressed towels I also got from the army surplus store in case It’s needed to help with wounds or create a sling. The tube of an oral gel is suitable for toothaches plus it’s a good thing to have in an emergency. A container of an antibacterial gel can help to avoid infections. The tiny tube of lip gel can help to relieve dry lips and other things. The rest of the items in there are bigger bandages and more of them.

Family First Aid

One good thing to do is to put together a kit that’s just for the home. The best thing to do is to add things for small cuts, illnesses such as colds and sinus headaches, aches and pains. I could make my own from stuff I bought from the Dollar Tree where I also found a red basket to hold them all in. The red makes the kit easy to find. Cough and cold medicine in both pill and liquid form are in there along with cherry cough drops and a chest rub.

For pain, I added mineral ice, which does WONDERS on sore muscles. I also added bottles of ibuprofen and acetaminophen along with a heat patch. Anti-diarrhea medication along with antacids are used to this kit because of various stomach issues. As for skincare, I added lotion and Vaseline to keep the skin soft and such. The full boxes of fabric bandages, a triple antibiotic, and some nasal strips. Our family has issues with sleeping with our noses stuffed up so they can help. I also have a pack of gloves in there too in case of an emergency.

I decided that it’s a good idea to keep a box filled with extra first aid supplies. This way, if I use them and I run out of a particular item, I can refill it as long as it had not expired (with medications). 

first aid medication 1-

first aid medication 2-