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Everyday Carry

There are so many preppers out there that claim bug out bags and gear are the most important part of prepping. That is not always the case. I feel as though the first thing you need to do is to begin by preparing what you need for your everyday life. EDC is the term used to refer to everyday carry. EDC can be done in various ways, but the best way to start is to use the basics.

What is Everyday Carry Gear?

The best way to begin is to gather all the things you usually use when you leave the house for work, school, and other types of travel. Try to minimize all that you can even if it takes a few tries to rearrange things. Examples of these things would be a tablet and/or computer, phone, chargers, notepad and pens or pencils, possibly mints and/or gum, and your wallet. Naturally, if you smoke, a lighter with a pack of cigarettes could be added to your bag.

Next comes the “extended-outing” supplies. These things can include things you would need if you stayed out longer than expected. These would comprise food, water bottles, some hygiene products (those of the female sex might add feminine products), and any prescription or over-the-counter medication you would need. Finally, emergency supplies could range from a mini first aid kit to a mini survival kit.

Mini kits for EDC

As far as mini first aid kits go, the first thing to think of is any prescription or over-the-counter medications you use. In an emergency these items are essential.

Next, would be the bandages you can buy at any store. Whether you spend the money to buy a small set from a drugstore (the dollar store to save money) or even create your own, these kits are perfect for situations where you or someone else has a small or decent sized cut. With these bandages should be some antiseptic wipe or gel to disinfect the wounds and antibiotic treatment such as Neosporin or some generic brand.

As for mini-survival kits, keep it simple. Putting together something small is the best way to keep everything minimalistic. The simplest things to stay with you would be a lighter and/or matches if you don’t smoke, a folded-up sheet of aluminum foil (for cooking if needed), a tiny sewing kit, a cheap poncho, and some cordage such as para-cord or even shoelaces. You can find all of these things in a local Dollar Tree.

Some other things to add could be small and cheap multi-tools and emergency blankets. You can find these on Amazon and small organizers to help keep all of your everyday carry preps organized.

Special EDC

Depending on where you live or what you’re certified in or with, you can add other things to your EDC. If you get yourself certified in First Aid, or if you are a healthcare professional, additional items to your first aid kit could be added if desired such as a trauma kit. If you have a license to carry a pistol on you and you wish to bring one for protection, you may also add that to your prep. If you do not have a license or do not like guns but want to add security, you can add simple things such as pepper spray or, as long as you check out your state’s guidelines, insert a small knife or dagger.

Where to Start?

These are a few cheap recommendations to get started on your everyday carry. Amazon also has various bags that can be found depending on your everyday needs.

EDC pouch organizer- https://amzn.to/2Tg4CTd

Hard wallet with RFID- https://amzn.to/2DCtFuc

Set of emergency blankets- https://amzn.to/2COvym0

Wallet multitool- https://amzn.to/2G4Ky2f


New Schedule

New Schedule

Hello everyone! This post adding to the update a few days ago. Just wantenwd to let you all know that I will be trying to add more blog posts each week. I am currently working on moving to another state, and doing online class as well. Therefore, it all depends on my every changing schedule since I am working on moving out along with doing schoolwork.


Personal update

The New Year has not exactly been kind to me, but it is giving me the inspiration to finally get out. After my ruined birthday and a lot of thinking my significant other and I have decided to make a bold move from the East Coast of Delaware/Pennsylvania to West Fargo, North Dakota. I have a very close friend there who is helping me find a place. The rent is low, the wage is higher than it is here, and there are more opportunities for employment.

As for me, I will be working on work at home opportunities such as this blog. There will be a lot of changes coming to this blog including adding affiliate links to some of my posts. This will mainly be for the blog posts that I have done research on and have personally used products or books to help myself or others. I hope that everyone has a great day!


Last Class Discussion

Before taking this class, I could only really guess at what wellness really was. I knew that it had a connection with health, and there were so many places that used the words “health” and “wellness” interchangeably, that It was difficult to really get a hold of what it truly meant. Now, I understand that wellness is more of the maintenance of health or act of living a life in the best health possible. For me, it inspires me to use more wellness techniques in order to keep up my mental health and keep my chronic pain at bay. I think that all the aspects of wellness influence the others because it is intertwined. There are so many ways to use wellness as a way of therapy and maintenance and all health intertwines together such as art therapy, meditation, and other things.


The study of wellness within the four lenses come in various forms. With humanities there are various things, such as art therapy, that can help to keep the mind and body in good health. With history, we study the past of what works and what doesn’t in order to make sure that we can use what we learned in the past to add to what we use today. When it comes to technology and the sciences, there are so many devices and such that can help to monitor and assist with wellness. These can include smartwatches, smartphones, and various apps that can help. Finally, with the social sciences, the idea of environment and social wellness is important for everyone’s wellbeing and health. If someone is living in a place where it is bad for their personal health, their overall idea of wellness is tarnished.


Seeing wellness through the four lenses can help us learn the various ways to live life healthier and happier. It helps to know various things and do research in order to get yourself and others in a better state of being. Now that I have taken this course and I have a much better understanding of wellness, I will continue to research and learn. I will continue to work on my wellness blog and try to reach out to websites and such in order to build my brand even more. I love learning about new ways to approach wellness, and helping others who need help. I will also try to use the techniques I learned for dealing with fibromyalgia in my own life in order to live a more normal life.


With the New Year comes the plans to finally move out of this toxic environment and live with my girlfriend in a better on. The place may be hard on my body, but it will be better on my mind. Now that this class is done, I hope to post updates and researched posts/articles in the years to come.


Environment and Wellness

It is very difficult for me to “rate my environment” from my neighborhood or surrounding cities.  I live in what I call a “city” suburb close to Philadelphia, PA. I do not have any friends that are close to me. My closest friend lives about an hour or two away by public transportation (since I have no license or a car). I do not really watch the news anymore, because all they talk about is the negative things going on in the “bad parts” of Philadelphia and sports. I feel as though I do not belong in this environment which is why I never go out. (Not to mention no money to do so) Everyone around is either very Catholic or Christian and the fact I am neither turns me off even more. There are far too many people and not enough jobs that give people like me a chance. All people care about out there is a degree (Bachelors because apparently, the Associates doesn’t matter anymore) and have experience in the field. There is no “or” in that deal. My question here though is always “if I don’t have experience how am I supposed to get a job?” The older generation always tells me to go for retail. Not only can I not physically or mentally handle retail *and* school, but I have tried doing that for many years before I went back to school. I was never able to obtain full time because I was unable to use a cash register, and even 20 hours of work became far too much strain on my body physically. I apply for so many office jobs. I had a small influx of interviews, but they were mostly sales and those that were not decided to “seek other candidates.” Mostly with “more experience in phone customer service” as if face to face customer service meant nothing.

I do know, that when I visit my friend in Connecticut, I feel the happiest. She is surrounded by trees and forests and I just love it there. However, I also know that it is very expensive to live there so I would never be able to live there. Besides, the only job she was able to get was a job at a liquor store. I doubt there would be anything that I could do there. I also know that when I visited London back in January, I did not feel as though I was in a cramped city like Philadelphia is. I felt more “at home.” The problem with that obviously, is that London is one of the notorious EXPENSIVE cities to live. Besides, moving to another country is the hardest thing to do. I have always felt happier when I left my home environment. I even spent two months of the summer last year at my old school’s dorms while I did work study and classes. I was happy and did not want to ever go home.

I wanted to add to this discussion, that I believe that “environment” does not mean just the place you live. It also means how you live at home. What the home is like, if you even have a home, what things trigger stress and other things like that. I currently live in an old house with my parents and my grandmother. My grandmother is a very negative person and always wants to be “right” even when she is obviously wrong. Especially when it comes to common issues out now such as sexuality, faith, gender identity, etc. As a pansexual, non-binary person, many of the things that she says really offends me, yet I am unable to speak my mind or I will offend her. I trap myself in my room to avoid saying anything wrong. Even my own spirituality offends her (Pagan). I respect all religions and faiths so I feel hurt that I cannot even speak my mind without offending her. I am big on the idea of interfaith communication, which is one of the reasons I think I may try getting into advocacy. I understand that she is Catholic and is raised in the “older” times, but I feel that I am emotionally and mentally abused all the time and she has no idea because I am unable to really speak my mind.  My mother helps me in the background along with my therapist, but my dad tends to take her side at times because she is his mother. Once I move, hopefully in late January or early February of next year, I will finally be able to live in an environment that is good for me. I will be paying my part with SNAP and using the little money I have for each month to pay for smaller bills.

I also find that the cold causes my pain to flare up from Fibromyalgia symptoms. My room is very cold because of holes in an old air conditioner that I have not been able to get taken out and a hole in the ceiling because of leaks from the roof. I feel that that is yet another reason I need to move next year. I can only get healthier when I am out of my environment. Even my Therapist agrees.