Moving Options

Living in a place where you are always afraid to say the wrong thing is difficult. It is even more so when the person you are afraid to talk to is a family member. Someone who you are supposed to be close to.  Moving is my only way to escape

I hate that I am at the point where I need to move out to get into a better headspace. I have no one locally that I could move with and my significant other is worried we would rush things since we only started dating for a year so far. So what are the options I could do?

Moving to Another State

My friend Maria up in Connecticut has also been wanting to move out of her parent’s home. She offered to move with me and my friend Lucius offered to help me with a U-Haul since he loves driving. 

I love it up there. I feel as if the air is fresher, even if the winters are harsher. There are so much more wooded areas in proximity than there are here. I feel like where I live, I would need to drive to get to them. Since no one I know can teach me how to drive, I’d have to shell out about a thousand dollars just to learn and get my license. 

If I move up there, Maria will teach me how to drive and she understands how my anxiety works. 

Work vs School 

Working part-time as a student is hard enough. I tried out full-time status for this session just to see if I could handle it. I did so pretty well! The problem came when my supervisor left for a vacation and I ended up taking most of her shifts. I can handle the shifts, but getting schoolwork done on time required me to work early. 

I could handle it because I knew ahead of time what I needed to get done, mostly. However, if I work full-time hours along with weekend shifts, it is very difficult to do both at that status.

Full-time Work

My other option for moving out would be if a full-time position here where I work opened up that I could handle. Since I cannot do physical work, anything of that nature would be difficult for me full-time. I would need a position in an office setting. 

Getting certified in electronic medical records will be very helpful in helping me find a position either in that area where I work or somewhere else. If I was to get a full-time job, I could keep doing school half-time and move out. 

Financial pros and cons

Pros of CT


If I was to move up to Connecticut, there would be a lot to think about. I need to raise a good amount of funds before I leave just in case I cannot get a job right away or before I get there. I believe her mother works at a hospital, so I might find one through her. 


I also have about 1000 from student loans every two months. I will be using the money I get from that to pay for my certification class and to help save for moving out. 

If I chose Connecticut, I could easily find a full- or part-time position (hopefully) with the certification and receptionist experience. I could live off of a part-time position until I graduated.

Cons of CT

I would live very far from my family. Planes cost a fortune, and while they are less expensive, busses are chaotic when attempting to travel back and forth. I would have to plan my trips home in advance paying for Amtrak.

I would be also far away from my significant other. However, she enjoys traveling so she will to come up and see me. 

I could easily live off of my loan money as a full-time student and a part-time job. That means I have to either have money saved up or find a full-time position immediately after I graduate. Part-time would also mean I can keep my SNAP and Medicaid until I graduate. 

Pros of full-time here.

If I lived on my living around here, I would still be close to my family and significant other. However, I would not have to worry about roommates and I can eat what I need to.

I can save up as much as I can each month and buy what I want when I want to.


Cons of full-time here:

If I found a full-time job around here, it would mean that all the rent would be up to me. Most of my money would go towards rent and I would lose SNAP and Medicaid benefits. I would have to pay for those things on top of rent and utilities.

I have, in the past, went above budget on things and I was terrible with money. Living alone might make me so lonely that I would want to buy things to make me feel better. Even though I want a cat for emotional support, it would just be me and them only.

Without the option to graduate sooner, I would still in school for a long time instead of being free to live a successful life. The only way it could be successful is if I found someone who will help me get success.



There are a lot of cons with both, but it seems like living on my own might be harder on me. Few pros go to that idea. The only option I see that is best is to move up to CT and hope I find either a full-time or (mostly) part-time job.


I know it doesn’t sound ideal to work a part-time job. With my Fibromyalgia and other issues, I feel like personally; it is the best. Being reliant on SNAP is not ideal either, but it is only temporary. As a person with severe Chronic Illness and Generalized Anxiety, full-time work alongside full-time school is not an option I can handle. Either way, moving is a hard thing to do.