Last Class Discussion

Before taking this class, I could only really guess at what wellness really was. I knew that it had a connection with health, and there were so many places that used the words “health” and “wellness” interchangeably, that It was difficult to really get a hold of what it truly meant. Now, I understand that wellness is more of the maintenance of health or act of living a life in the best health possible. For me, it inspires me to use more wellness techniques in order to keep up my mental health and keep my chronic pain at bay. I think that all the aspects of wellness influence the others because it is intertwined. There are so many ways to use wellness as a way of therapy and maintenance and all health intertwines together such as art therapy, meditation, and other things.


The study of wellness within the four lenses come in various forms. With humanities there are various things, such as art therapy, that can help to keep the mind and body in good health. With history, we study the past of what works and what doesn’t in order to make sure that we can use what we learned in the past to add to what we use today. When it comes to technology and the sciences, there are so many devices and such that can help to monitor and assist with wellness. These can include smartwatches, smartphones, and various apps that can help. Finally, with the social sciences, the idea of environment and social wellness is important for everyone’s wellbeing and health. If someone is living in a place where it is bad for their personal health, their overall idea of wellness is tarnished.


Seeing wellness through the four lenses can help us learn the various ways to live life healthier and happier. It helps to know various things and do research in order to get yourself and others in a better state of being. Now that I have taken this course and I have a much better understanding of wellness, I will continue to research and learn. I will continue to work on my wellness blog and try to reach out to websites and such in order to build my brand even more. I love learning about new ways to approach wellness, and helping others who need help. I will also try to use the techniques I learned for dealing with fibromyalgia in my own life in order to live a more normal life.


With the New Year comes the plans to finally move out of this toxic environment and live with my girlfriend in a better on. The place may be hard on my body, but it will be better on my mind. Now that this class is done, I hope to post updates and researched posts/articles in the years to come.