My Writing Life

I always filled my life with trials as does everyone else’s. Blogging is where I share my experiences and share research I had done to bring Natural Wellness into our everyday lives. I am using this as my main platform for writing anything that comes to mind.

I am always educating myself on different ways to manage my own mental and chronic illnesses. Since I have Fibromyalgia, I strive to help others suffering from their own invisible illnesses when possible. I hope that with this blog I can help to encourage others to do the same.

Different Kind of Writing

I will talk about various subjects. These include meditation, yoga, vitamins, CBD and other cannibals products, and other things I learn in my daily life.

Additionally, I be talking about writing fiction and even non-fiction stories as well. I am an English major at SNHU, so I want to use that experience to help me here.


I recommend one specific book the most for learning how to improve your health, energy, and even your mental health in this book. It taught me that balancing and keeping my chakras in check is integral. “The Path of Energy” contains many exercises and tips to show you how to open your senses. They can help you understand how to feel the surrounding energies. It is an important book when you are looking into Natural Wellness.


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